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Our Goal

Our vision is to create a unique landscape tailored to the desires of our clients with a quality that will last.

Our Commitment.

Here at Vivid Scenery we are committed to extraordinary quality, customer service, and creative design.  We are dedicated to our clients and to providing the best possible craftsmanship for their individual needs and projects.


Our History.

Scott and Ann Marie began Vivid Scenery in the beginning of 2007.

Scott recognized his love for landscaping and the outdoors at the young age of 13 when he began a mowing business with his brother and sister. That was almost 30 years ago, and he has been in this field ever since. As a previous partner in another landscape business, he developed a great understanding and skill in all the various aspects of landscape, hardscape, and the creation process.  In starting Vivid Scenery, his vision was to take these skills, continue to develop them, as well as have a company that focused on quality work with a customer-centered mindset.


Ann Marie developed a passion for landscaping after watching and experiencing the creation process of Scott and his love for "wowing" his clients.  She pursued her degree in landscape design and has partnered with Scott in creating unique spaces for Vivid Scenery clients.

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